Family Mindfulness: Meditation for Parents and Children

We can learn to let go of negative thoughts to bring back harmony and family mindfulness.  We create a system of beliefs throughout our lives and they become a part of who we are.  Difficult past experiences affect the way we think.  This pattern of thinking allowed us to survive and offers protection against unknown elements.  We reach a point in our lives where these thinking patterns stop us from experiencing and enjoying the present moment with our family.

Is Our “Reality” Valid?

We focus a lot on our thoughts.  We’re convinced that they’re our own creation and reflects reality.  We never question if this mental content is valid.  We assume that these thoughts are 100 percent true since it comes from our brain.  Our thoughts, especially negative ones, are distorted in many ways.  They reflect the world that has nothing to do with who we are and what we experience now.  They mirror our past experiences.  They’re adapted to situations that are no longer valid, yet we cling to them.  Mindfulness meditation allows us to question the reliability of these thoughts.  Family mindfulness teaches us to let go of them.

Family Mindfulness: Meditation for Parents and ChildrenThe Source of Your Emotions

Your thoughts create your emotions.  Your emotions are unreliable when your thoughts are distorted.  Negative emotions create a climate of insecurity, anxiety, fear and hostility in children.  Families face hardships by reliving past situations that fail to relate to the present.  We spend time fighting and rejecting feelings or emotions.  The source of these feelings is thoughts.  Families could be happier by learning to re-examine their thinking patterns.  They might recognise it doesn’t correspond to the reality they’re living in.

The Sum of Habits and How It Effects Family Mindfulness

Family mindfulness brings attention to the thought.  The right thoughts conjure the right emotions.  Beware of recurrent thoughts that exist in your family because they will become a part of who you are as well as a new habit.  Ultimately, we are a sum of habits.

About the Author

Family Mindfulness: Meditation for Parents and ChildrenPierre Gagnon practised concentration and insight meditation intensively from 2010 to 2012, then went on to study meditation at Wat Suan Mokkh with the venerable Ajahn Po from 2013 to 2015. As well as his own practice, he has coordinated meditation retreats in the south of Thailand which were attended by more than 1,000 people.

Having a great passion in the field of neuroscience, he likes to integrate these concepts into meditation practice. He believes that much of our life is lived resisting and defending against internal and external experiences that people perceive as threats. Through the development of concentration and meditation, we can insightfully see that all experiences are harmless and there is no need to defend of contract around them.  Pierre has experience coordinating concentration and insight meditation retreats, teaching the relationship that exists between Buddhism and neuroscience.

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